The Ali Ahmad family has been in business for over half a century, both in Lebanon and abroad. Their core business was diamond mining in a number of African countries, namely Sierra Leone and Zaire.

The first star in their constellation was the Belgium-based Triple A Diamonds, established in 1977.

The year 1993 witnessed the launch of their first in a series of real estate development companies in Lebanon, Triple A Team, whose inaugural project Verdun 730 was a triumph.

Other companies, such as United Investment Group, Golden Square, Diane and I & H TEAM, to name a few, were founded to accommodate the growth in business.

Ali Ahmad Group Holding (AAGH), established in 1996, incorporated the various companies and firms into a solid whole.

Today, AAGH comprises several companies and firms that handle investments, real estate development, trade activities, contracting and engineering.

Ali Ahmad Group Holding is in a league of its own, as far as high performance is concerned.

Due to its excellent track record and extensive experience, AAGH's stamp is a mark of success for every achievement.